Attractions in Singapore?

what are some natural and man made attractions in singapore??

Which is a more practical tour if i'm from Philippines, go to Malaysia then Singapore or vice versa?

We might be asked why our ticket from Philippines is only going to Malaysia then our departure going back to our country would be in Singapore. Would there be any hassles that we might encounters?

How much money should I take to Singapore?

I’m going to Singapore next week. I’ll be staying for 9 nights, I’ll stay in a friend’s house, so no money will be needed for accommodation. How much does alcohol cost in bars? I’ll be sightseeing, eating out a few days and occasionally drinking. I’ve got about 800 Singapore dollars worth of money but I can ask more from myparents if necessary. How much would I need to bring? Not planning to eat at too luxurious places. Mostly food courts and perhaps a good restaurant only once. A bit more detailed answer please? I saw outdated versions of this question […]

Why Singaporean man choose to divorce their wives to be with mainland china woman?

Is it because that they are more caring, loving, able to cook well and good in bed, that is why many Singaporean man would willing to give up their marriage to be with one? Are they that superior comparing to Singapore woman?

How much does it cost to live in a hotel at orchard road for a day?

Its my girlfriend’s birthday and i want to book a room at one of orchard roads’ hotel(maybe 3 star and above) to use as a mini chalet for the two of us. Roughly how much would it cost for a small room and what is the process like? I haven’t done it before so please help me! Thanks!

What is the most suitable franchise business in Singapore for this current economic?

I would like to open a franchise business in Singapore. Before that I would like to know peoples opinion about it. What is the most suitable franchise in Singapore? Is it restaurant, or cafe, or mini mart, etc? Any franchise that not so expensive but people would be interested? Hope anyone can share their opinions. Thank you

How could you use heat pump technologies to cool buildings in Singapore?

Singapore is a hot and humid climate all year round and buildings needs constant cooling. I am writing a report on: ‘The application of heat pump technologies in Singapore’ I have information on active and passive cooling using heat pumps however i am lacking a lot of body for it and any other options available… Please may somebody help and i would massively appreciate it!! Many thanks, Callum.

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