Best business course or degree offered in Singapore universities?

in my question, i mean an UNDERGRADUATE DEGREE PROGRAM or COURSE in the field of business and best in terms of PRESTIGE and JOB OPPORTUNITIES.

There are NUS and SMU in Singapore. I know that the two of them are very good in business. but I only know business administration from NUS and business management from SMU.

For example, you answered business management, could you please tell me what happens to their graduates. i want to know if they get out of Singapore or they work as executives inside the country.


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  • Mental

    The best business courses are the ones for small business and tax awareness.
    You may not be offered a job as an executive, but with your own business experience and further education, doors will eventually open for you.

  • business degreezone

    Business degrees offer to realize your hidden abilities with the suitable circumstances where you can polish your skills effectively and efficiently by the benevolentsupport of adequate knowledgeable and erudite teachers.

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