Some information about Jurong Industrial park ?

Could you tell me some information about Jurong Industrial Park (裕廊岛石化园区) ? The information may be including its website, telephone,address,email, contact person. etc. I will apprieciate you very much. Give your answer to this question below!

Does anyone know the standard for gross calorific value of natural gas in Singapore?

Just wondering if there was a standard for the gross calorific value for the manufacure of gas pipes in Singapore? Cannot seem to find any information online. Thanks!

Trekking in Bhutan – does anyone have information regarding the visa process to visit Bhutan?

I am American and my wife is Singaporean. We would like to trek in Bhutan and are beginning to plan. I have read that one must use a guide service. Can someone tell us if that is true and, if so, how difficult and costly is the typical guide service? Also, when is the best time to go? Any help would be appreciated.

The auditor classified late payment of income tax as a “penalty” not income tax expense. What is penalty a/c?

Hello I need information regarding the Accounting practices within Singapore. Why did the Singaporean auditor reclassify the fee we were charged for the late payment of income tax as Penalty. I don’t have “penalty” account. Is it appropriate to classify it as Legal Fees or is there a more appropriate expense account to classify it under? thanks

Where can I find information on the environment in Taiwan, Singapore, Myanmar, and the Philippines?

I need info about how humans have adapted, modified, and are dependent on the environment in Taiwan, Singapore, Myanmar, and Philippines.

What are the rules and regulations on moving my cat along with me to los angeles from singapore?

I am an Indonesian student studying in Singapore and will be continuing my education in Los Angeles next year. I need information on how to move my cat there i.e permit, quarantine etc. Any info would be helpful. Thank You

how to open a restaurant in singapore?

i am planning to open a restaurant in singapore. Can anyone advise me on how to do the legal proceedings, the good locations(cheaper rent but with strategic locations), what is the salary range for the chef and workers. And shall there be any other information that is related to start a restaurant, i would gladly appreciate it. Thank you for the help

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