How to pronounce Singapore-Hokkien? Is there a website for pronouncing hokkien words?

i really want to learn 台语,but i realised that i have to get my dialects right in singapore first, since i live there, so… i wanna know simple phrases for conversing in hokkien. and also how to pronounce it if you could help thanks! Add your own answer in the comments!

what is the website for jurong west stadium??

how to book badminton court online at jurong west stadium? Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Where can i find a good tee shirt printing shop in Singapore?

I would like to print my own unique tee shirt. Do any of you people out there know a cheap and good tee shirt printing shop? If you kno of any, please put the website/contact together with your answer! Thanks!

where to buy psp games for singapore users?

i am a singaporean looking for a website to buy psp games online.

Can anyone list a good website to watch chinese and japanese dramas?

Singaporean is also counted as chinese since it’s in chinese so Singaporean is aslo included. By the way, youtube, youku, tudou, 56 and crunchyroll were already tried.

What is the difference between diploma and advance diploma in Singapore private institution?

I currently holding a diploma in IT from MDIS. I was looking forward to enroll for a degree course in PSB. While i was browse through the PSB academy website, it stated that the admission criteria for other private institutions graduates required to obtain at least an advanced diploma. But my colleagues told me that i can enroll for the degree course with a diploma unless i have achieve a very good exam results. Please help! Need advice. Thanks in advance!!!!

What’s the best make up academy in Singapore?

So I’m planning to go to Singapore’s make up academy, so which one is the best? And please include its website address so I can check it out… And I’m from Indonesia btw. Thx for your help…

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