What business can i do in Singapore for 20k?

Would like to do a business in Singapore but what business is profitable in Singapore? What is “in” in S’pore right now? Pls advice.

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  • Tammy B

    Hi Andrew. 20k is quite a tidy sum. there are lots of biz opportunities out there but children and beauty and wellness is probably the most profitable :-) Try this 88db There are quite a lot of interesting information about investment opportunities.

  • Janet N

    Children are everywhere and parents in every country need to have educationally minded entertainment for their children. Start a Bug Zoo. That is what I am trying to do in my hometown – just looking for an investor.

    See my website at http://www.bakersfieldsbugzoo.com for the idea and go from there.

    Have fun and good luck

  • gerl

    what abt food business?or maybe IT business?you can view 88db website for more business opportunity…good luck

  • tigerlambs

    Yes you can do a number of business in Singapore for 20k or under. The fastest growing industry in the world right now is Health and Wellness Industry. It is slotted to be a trillion dollars by the year 2010 according to Paul Zane Pilsner, who is a multi billionaire financial economist.
    He states in his book “The Next Trillion Dollar Industry” that the Health and Wellness Industry is averaging a growth rate of 500%. Here is a website to a growing Health and Wellness business with very low start up costs http://www.smoothiefunbiz.com I hope this helps

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