What will happen if Singapore and Malaysia goes to war?

Please try to give good, non-biased answers. Don’t side with Singapore just because you’re Singaporean and don’t side with Malaysia just because you’re Malaysian.

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10 Comments to “What will happen if Singapore and Malaysia goes to war?”

  • ?

    If Spore fight on the ground with its toy soldiers , Singapore gonna be shooting ducks for the experienced Msian army. Spore will be sunk ! Toy soldiers are always better off staying at home suckling to mommy milk ya!

    If Spore sweep in from the sky with its well maintained and trained pilots, you will see the Msian Air Force crew waving welcome happily, for helping them to avoid killing themselves when they scramble in response to aerial threats from Spore. Do you how how many times they had killed themselves during training. If not for the vast expanse of paddy field to cushion the crash, more of them would have been in heaven now.

    Dont worry about the sea, Msian sub cant dive and if it can now, it gonna dive with its periscope still sticking out. The beach boy at Sentosa Island can just pick them out with their catapult ya.

    Stop war mongering la ! make love more ok.

  • Ichibawa

    Pretty boy, stop asking unwanted questions like Jedi okay!

  • Immortal

    Damn, you’re pretty.

    I say Malaysia will win because although Singapore has higher military technology, I feel the Malaysian army is larger in number. Besides, the Singaporean will voice their disagreement to stop the war. This will affect the Singapore soldiers’ morale somewhat. Malaysians have several groups of specially trained commandos (both land and sea) as well as paratroopers. But I’m not sure about Singapore. But then, the end result will not be very significant for both sides. It can be Singapore. It can also be Malaysia. But I say Malaysia has a bit of advantage. I understand Singapore military bases are situated overseas. So a siege on these bases will be easier. And that also leaves the home country (Singapore) undefended.

  • Arif

    singapore may win the war or both also cant win againt each other but cant conqueor malaysia because malaysia is so big compare to singapore and singapore may not have enough troops to conqueor malaysia

  • 私は一番です。

    nobody win over war both of them will have much dead bodies.

  • R.I.P

    ouh! they will Rest In Peace

  • Raj

    We won’t be able go shopping there from Nepal.

  • ah beng

    Good Lord……..you are indeed a knocker.
    Jedi would love to date you but then again, he can`t do much or can he!

  • sptay

    Hypothetical question. But if I’m a Malaysian general, I would not face Singapore head on. I would use Mao’s strategy of people’s guerilla war. Singapore chances of winning a short bloody war (like Israel) is great but a slow and long protracted one will drain Singapore until they give up (or Sigapore draftees) will give up.

    But seriously we are like siamese twins….you hurt one and the other also gets hurt…therefore quickly unlikely war will break out any time soon….unless madman takes over the countries…

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